Saturday, March 21, 2009

Turn Left at the Dinosaur

A busy week meant I didn't post on Thursday. I was going to throw up a quick one (sounds kinda gross) that night before I went to bed, but it didn't happen then, so it will now.

A road that will be referenced many times from now on is the old highway: 367. It travels from Batesville to Cabot and probably further, but that's the extent of my mileage. Being an older highway, it's rife with exactly the kind of things I'm looking for. But this particular one isn't something old, ruined, or meaningless; it's just something weird.

Behold, the Allosaurus of 367! This metal monster has had a colorful history on the old highway. He used to be the mascot of a pretty large metalwork lawn art-type place further down the road. When I drove by him, I'd think, "If I had a lot of money to waste, I would totally buy that dinosaur." Apparently somebody beat me to the punch, because one day he appeared in front of this tiny car dealership (a former service station; many of the smaller dealerships are) in Judsonia.

It seems dino gained some personality since moving to Judsonia. At the time of this picture, he had picked up a cowboy hat and is being ridden by some kind of baby doll. Before this picture was taken, the baby doll was in his mouth. When I saw dino the other day, he had been a calm shade of green.

That's all for today. I expect to make a longer post tomorrow.

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