Thursday, April 23, 2009


I have quite a few things I've got on the front burners, but today I'm just going to share some pictures that don't really fit in anywhere else. I have a feeling this theme will be revisited again in the future as well. As always, click to enlarge.

Train bridge (formerly a swinging bridge), Judsonia

Gutted building, McRae

Texas Illinois Motel, Highway 367 near Bald Knob

Burgler Alarm, former First National Bank, Newport

Mural, former train bridge, Crossville IL

Courthouse, Newport

Jeep, Tuckerman

Pile of train track crossbeams, Conway

University of Arkansas, Batesville

Foamhenge, Natural Bridge VA.

Also let this serve as a note that yes, I am documenting things that come from places other than Arkansas. Because come on folks, Arkansas isn't the center of the universe.


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Jenna said...

The pouncing tiger, pre-maul of the complacent basketball jock, gets me every time.