Sunday, August 9, 2009

More Snapshots

My first post for August of 2009! I have a lot of pictures, but right now I'm a little bit at a loss for what to post (I haven't been exploring in a while), so here are some snapshots.

Old Ford dealership, Conway

Abandoned gas station, Beebe

The Gray Mansion, Grayville, IL

The Arlington Hotel, a former hideout of Al Capone, Hot Springs

Drive-in movie theater, Mountain View (still in business!)

Train wrecker, Railroad museum, Pine Bluff

The Old Port, Portland, ME

Abandoned storefronts, Grayville, IL

Highly unusual bridge, somewhere in Maine

25 Fullerton Street, Boothbay Harbor, ME (my childhood home; beige when I lived there; historically a mid-1800s carriage house)


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