Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Baker House Bed & Breakfast, North Little Rock

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The Baker House was built around 1899 in downtown North Little Rock. Want to know how racist Arkansas was? The house was built for a man from the north, but when he came down here, he wasn't allowed to live in it - because he was black. If I were him I would have burned down the whole city. 


Scott Miller said...

Thanks for the post, but recent historical research has shown the house built by the black jockey who couldn't move into it was actually a very similar house 15 blocks to the north, built by the same builder in the 1890's. Scott Miller, Owner Baker House B&B

Jonesy said...

Scott -

You're right, I learned this a while after I made this post. I originally read about the jockey on the sign in front of the Baker House, which I think has been removed or changed by now. I'll probably do another post on the real house.