Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Buice Drugs, Stift Station

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 An excellent old neon sign in the Stift Station neighborhood near downtown Little Rock. The owner, George Wimberly, recently died at age 92 or so. The interior is cleared out and I wonder what will happen to this institution. By the way, it's pronounced like "vice."
More photos from Stift Station to follow. A bit of background after the jump.

Welcome to Stift Station!
Stift Station (god that's hard to type) is an old suburb of Little Rock a bit west of downtown. In better days, the streetcars would come all the way up Markham, and there was a station at the top of the hill. Hence the name. Nowadays it's probably the third tier down in the hilly older neighborhoods west of downtown; the other two are Hillcrest ($$) and the Heights ($$$). 

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