Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Ghost Signs, Fort Smith

While taking a jaunt through the back streets of Fort Smith via streetcar (about which more later), I snapped a few shots of some old, industrial ghost signs. The above advertises the "Atkinsons-Williams Hardware Co." on the side of a building that's likely abandoned. The company evidently "dominated the tinware trade in the region." Another ghost sign after the jump.


The "Red Star Product Co." could have been damn near anything. I found a Red Star Machinery Sales in Fort Smith, and they may be related. 


here said...

Post is preaty good….beautiful fotos...I like them very much...Thank's author for that:)

Anonymous said...

NIce post. I feel nostalgy looking at these pictures.

Anonymous said...

The Atkinson-Williams building is not abandoned, it's the Museum of History.